Weekly picks 30/09/16

This is the start of my weekly picks. In which I will post everything internet that I see at the internet. Course it is just the most intersting things.

I'm a huge enthusiast of GraphQL concepts but I hadn't had time to play around with it. But I liked this talk that is on speakerdeck and hopefully soon on youtube

Another thing that I've been doing is play more around with golang. This links explaining about the flags has helped me a lot

As everybody knows I'm in love with elixir-lang. Elixir lang is the best thing that I saw in the programming world for a long time. I've been following the elixir-core mail list for a long time (guess since the very beginning). And now I have kudos about this discussion. Deprecating the single quotes erlang string for a sigils may facilitate things especially for newcomers

Last but not least There's mruby. A not new but still exciting way to put ruby code into embedded or minimal software. I've download, played a little with it and of course I created some small integration with a golang code. I may look better into this in the future.