weekly picks 07/10

This post is about how it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016. JavaScript sure got a lot better over the time but we are a little close to the edge of insanity IMO.


From hacker news, what's your favorite tech talk? I love tech talks, I try to watch at least 3 new each week this hacker news post will be on my favs tab for a couple of weeks.

Code wars now supports Elixir This is the best news ever! I'm a great enthusiastic from Elixir and codewars. Gonna make some of their katas on elixir and contribute with new ones for sure

Talking about Elixir this blog post covers how to monitor and Phoenix application in 2016. Nice for those who deploying your elixir apps and need some better monitoring. http://aldusleaf.org/monitoring-elixir-apps-in-2016-prometheus-and-grafana/